All natural Marsel Delights are made with love and passion. Putting back the real fruit at the core of confectionery we are proud to introduce you the next generation Turkish delight. Enjoy pure taste with no additives, no refined sugar and none of other nonsense.

Coming from you

Healthy Recipe
Heavenly Taste

We believe in the principles of conscious consumption so you will not find any additives, artificial flavourings, colourants, preservatives or other nonsense in our products. Our healthy recipes also achieve a new texture that does not stick to the teeth.

Brand-New Seasonal Varieties

We have adopted an innovative approach in our quest for new tastes and have come up with brand-new combinations which are unheard of in the realm of Turkish delight. What is more, our varieties change throughout the year because we take pride in using nothing but premium seasonal ingredients.

Actually, our affair with confectionaries goes back to when we got fed up with the poor examples of Turkish delight on the market and started looking into ways of crafting a better version of this delicious product these lands have inherited.