Actually, our affair with confectionaries goes back to when we got fed up with the poor examples of Turkish delight on the market and started looking into ways of crafting a better version of this delicious product these lands have inherited.

We focused our efforts to prepare new recipes using a selection of high-quality natural products to deliver a unique gourmet experience. As advocates of conscious consumption, we excluded additives, artificial flavourings, colourants, preservatives and other nonsense from our product range. We also developed a new formula to produce Turkish delight with apple concentrate instead of refined sugar. To achieve the perfect recipe, we strived with passion and kept a careful eye on amounts and temperature in all phases of production. After months of trials, we finally succeeded in achieving the right balance of rich flavour and texture. Afterwards, it was all about fusing tasty flavour combinations with a touch of originality.

We are now ready to confidently introduce our new and freshly made Turkish delight range. We are sure you will find a new generation Turkish delight to your liking from our growing selection. 

Crafting Turkish delights with no artificial sweeteners or no added sugar, Marsel is committed to blend and balance natural ingredients only to bring out the best in real fruit.