Cinnamon Lokum Recipe

Cinnamon Lokum Recipe

Turkish Delight is a sweet confectionery that has been enjoyed for centuries. Its a gummy candy that is made from a mixture of starch and sugar, which is than flavoured with various ingredients.

Feeling a little geeky and want to make Lokum from scratch? You’re in the right place. This blog post outlines everything you need to make Lokum a.k.a. Turkish Delight at home – and it’s a lot easier than it sounds (we promise). 

This simple yet very complex recipe is result of years of R&D. The key to making Turkish Delight is getting the perfect ph level which helps balance the gumminess.

Considering different kinds of cornstarch and citric acid available worldwide, this recipe should provide a good base to achieve the right result.  It is an adaptation of our own recipe to be prepared in a saucepan in a home environment. Please use ingredients in exact measurements

Prep: 15 min

Cook: About 45 minutes

Rest Time: 12 hours

Servings: Makes 1,3kg of lokums, about 100 cubes.



Baking tray: 30 x 20 cm

Pastry Brush



Sugar: 1065 gr

Water: 630 gr

Corn Starch: 150 gr

Citric Acid: 1,3 gr




Gather your ingredients; Prepare 30 cm x 20 cm tray by lining it with cooking paper and applying the non-stick cooking spray. Gently spread the cooking spray with a pastry brush.

You can use any kitchen tray that is similar in size. Make sure the tray is not too big which will make the lokum too thin.


Prepare a bowl with cold water and a spoon. We will use this to check if the lokum is cooked to the right consistency. This is how we test the gumminess.



Place all the ingredients in a medium saucepan and stir cold. Make sure there are no lumps from the starch and that sugar is melted. Turn on the heat over medium / high heat and start cooking. Stirring in one direction is very important.


In a about 5-8 min starch will set. After passing boiling point the mixture will start to become clear and thicker. Keep stirring at the same rate.



Whisk it further until the color turns to light golden and the mixture becomes thick and gluey. This should happen in about 30 minutes.


Time to check the mixture. Reduce the heat to low and simmer. Don’t forget to keep stirring. Using your spoon, take a little amount of your mixture and place it in the cold water. After letting it stay for a couple moments remove the spoon and check the gumminess by pulling, it should have a good amount of resistance. In about 40 minutes your lokum should be ready.




Add the cinnamon.

Pour the mixture into the tray and let it set for 12 hours or overnight. Don’t cover the tray.


Carefully remove the lining paper and place the lokum on a flat and clean surface.

You can use pizza cutter or kitchen scissors to cut it.

Make sure apply non-stick cooking spray to your cutting instruments.

Slice them vertically. 


Prepare a bowl with 75gr starch and 25gr sugar. You can now use the scissors to cut your vertically sliced lokums in cubes into the bowl.

Make sure you dust each side of the cubes.


Afiyet olsun!

Enjoy your lokums!




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Turkish Delight is a delicious and unique candy that has been enjoyed for centuries. In Marsel Delights we call them "Lokum". Its rich history, unique ingredients, and many variations make it a beloved treat all over the world. Whether you prefer the traditional rose flavour or one of the many variations of "Lokum", there is no denying the delight that this sweet brings.